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Zebra Double Head Marker / Twin Head Marker / 0.4 &1.3mm / Permanent Marker

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Zebra Mckee Extra Fine Marker MO-120-MC Twin type (FINE 1.0 - 1.3 mm and EXTRA FINE 0.5 mm)

Product Highlights:
•Oil-Based Dyestuff – Ink in which the granular coloring agent is dissolved in oil.
•Alcohol-Based Ink
•Quick-drying ink
• Waterproof ink
•Writing Wides: FINE 1.0 - 1.3 mm
•EXTRA FINE: 0.5 mm
•Ink: Oil-based Dyestuff (Alcohol-based)
•Size: 141.8mm X 11.9mmØ
•Weight: 8.5g

Usage information: Caution (Please read carefully before use.
•Do not use a pen other than for writing.
•If the pen is shaken vigorously or dropped, it could cause ink leakage or gush.
•Free ink System Water-based markers, Free Ink System Oil-based Marker, and liquid Ink Highlighters may leak or spout out. To use one in a place where the air pressure difference or temperature difference is large, such as in an airplane, use it with the pen tip up and after pushing it lightly with paper.
•Replace cap after each use to prevent leakage.
•Keep away from small children.
•May be harmful and cause suffocation if swallowed. Call physician immediately if swallowed.
•If ink gets in your eye(s), wash it with water immediately and see a doctor.
•The color of something written may fade over a long time.
•Do not expose to excessive temperatures.
•Colors written by oil-based markers on cloth may be transferred when washed.
•When using oil-based markers for a long time, ensure good ventilation.
•Since oil-based markers are flammable, keep them away from fire.
•Oil-based markers are not recommended for writing on soft vinyl chloride, such as swimming rings.
•Depending on paper quality, oil-based marker mat result in offset.
•When replacing ink cartridges, take care so that the ink does not stain your hands or clothes. The ink is difficult to remove.
•When the cartridges are not used immediately, leave them in the case and store it flat.

1)The color of photographs might be different from the original products.
2)Product design and specifications may change without notice.

Box Dimensions (CM) & Weight (KG):
16 X 6 x 3 CM & 0.8 (KG)
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